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Offered services are listed below. Please note -all prices include travel within Long Island. Time and mileage will be billed for jobs outside of the service area.


Prices can be found by clicking on the service that you're interested in.


Travel within Long Island is built into my flat-rate pricing and anything outside of the service area will be billed by time & mileage. Payment is due at the time of booking.

Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have. If you need a custom-tailored survey to meet specific insurance requirements just let me know.

The most common survey I perform. This is a must if you're purchasing any size vessel. Whether the boat is still in production at the factory or it's 30 years old, I will have your best interest in mind.

Often required by insurance companies prior to them issuing coverage. This report is not quite as in-depth as a pre-purchase but it will give you a very good picture of the vessel and its condition.

Often representing the insurance company, I would be hired to document damage resulting in a claim. Incidents can include anything from fire damage to the striking of a submerged object.

I can help you become more comfortable with your boat handling, knowledge of systems, and procedures.

This makes the perfect gift for any boat owner!

Offered as both parts of a pre-purchase survey and as a standalone service. I have access to dealer-only software which most other surveyors do not have.

Oil and fluid analysis are also available.

Mainly focused on marinas and other waterfront facilities. Armed with my expertise in managing a marina, I can offer a practical perspective on meeting specific standards and regulations.


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